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免费三级黄片CDTMTT-2408DS M/C 

Machine performance: : the machine conducts electric performance test, laser marking,visual inspection and taping of diode electric components

Machine speed: 4 pcs/hour

Feeding means: simultaneous feeding by dual rails of the oscillating disk

Trial products: SMAFL,SM(X),MBS,MBF, ABS, ABF, UMB, MSB, SOT-2(X)


1.High-speed feeding with double suction nozzle, greatly enhancing production efficiency, little land coverage
2.Adopting jacking high-speed INDEX DRIVER for rotation and lifting, with the advantages of accurate positioning and long service life.
3.Modular design, and additional functions are optional as per customers’ demand, such as CCD image system and marking, foot form or glue form.
4.Using industrial-level PC system for control, which can display machine status, production information, failure information, single-action maintenance mode and etc.
5.Dual taping, packaging and discharging
免费三级黄片6. Patent has been applied for the high-speed test and taping machine.

Working procedure:
Modular design which is easy for maintenance and adjustment, and it is convenient for expansion or modification
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